Canada celebrated its 150 year anniversary in 2017, highlighted by an increased level of support to charity groups across the country. On a local level so too did the Delta Foundation’s volunteer board of directors continue the work of enabling charities to benefit the members of our community.

As the Delta Foundation continues to grow the resources available for the community, so too do the amount of grants that are distributed to support needy causes within Delta. This year the Foundation was very pleased to increase our distributed grants by roughly 33% over the previous year.

Working through our partners in the community, the Delta Foundation was pleased to assist in the funding of a new facility for REACH to provide more services to special needs children, along with funding for the Augustine House, Kin Village, Burns Bog Conservation, and many other charities throughout Delta.

We are proud to continue the legacy of supporting a variety of ages and groups throughout Delta; from grants that enable developmentally challenged children and teens to enjoy time at Summer camp with respite for their parents, to funding for seniors on health care and accessibility. Funding was also provided to support the history of Delta as maintained by the Delta Museum and Archives, and to ensuring the future of delta through multiple grants to graduating students furthering their education.

Thank you dearly to our donors in the community who have provided a legacy, and to my fellow board members for the donation of your time and energy.


Noël Philippot, Chairman Delta Foundation 


New bus for Vin Village


Support for Augustine House


Sponsor of new Reach facility for special needs children


Sponsor Rotary Club of Ladner Splash Park, opening summer 2017


Grants to high school graduating students and various community groups in Delta